Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We've got a new article aimed at the dating community up on about.com. It focuses on how a tantric approach to relaltionship can be introduced at the very beginning of a relationship and draws heavily on the idea that parity is crucial to a tantric way of relating.

"People often assume that Tantric practices are exclusively for couples or exclusively for long-term couples. Nothing could be further from the truth. Relationship, as we understand it today, was not really a consideration in classical Tantra, which thrived in an entirely different cultural climate. Nevertheless, Tantric principles can be brought to bear on relating, and the process of doing so can add a profoundly spiritual dimension to any relationship. The best aspects of the Tantric tradition stress learning more about your inner states and cultivating equanimity, compassion and awareness. All of these principles can be brought to bear on a relationship, even in the early stages."

There's more here.

We don't quite understand why about.com's url mentions "cheating", since that's plainly not the subject of the article, but so it goes.

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